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Sent with our Compliments

Traditionally, Compliment Slips are DL (210mmx99mm), but who in this age is traditional? So if you want them DL or indeed if you want to go crazy and order them in A5 or A6 size, then who are we to argue?

Printed on an affordable but beautiful 120gsm Uncoated, which is the same as our Letterheads, they are just right for making a positive impression on your customers.

Let’s be honest here, compliment slips are not sexy, they are a functional bit of paper that most businesses need. We don’t need extravagance and we do need good value. That why our compliment slips are simply:

  • 120gsm Uncoated smooth stationery paper
  • Single-sided or double-sided Compliment Slip printing in full colour
  • Litho Printed Compliment Slips are Laser guaranteed to ensure they run through your own printer.

We don’t print cheap compliment slips but rather affordable good quality printed compliment slips. By using a single paper type and ‘batching’ our business stationery together, everyone saves money and gets a better value/quality printed product.

Sometimes it is important to send gifts to clients, just to let them know how much you appreciate their business. But you wouldn’t just send a gift without acknowledgment; this is where Compliment Slips come in.

As part of brand marketing processing, it is smart to thank clients for their loyalty in supporting your business by sending them a simple compliment slip after every job or service you provide. The compliment slip further reinforces your brand and services.  They are printed on high-quality 120gsm paper stock, meaning they will look just as good when they arrive with your client as they did when you first wrote it.

One thing you can be sure of is that while you will pay a cheap price, our compliment slips will always look amazing. Compliment Slips will generally be of the same stock as your letterhead. A good branding opportunity for a business with an eye for quality.


  • 100gsm Laser


  • Printed on the reverse side


Compliment Slips


With Compliment Slips Printing

Complete your business stationery set, with a full colour printed “with compliment slips”! Avoid sending out a negative message with cheap compliment slips and ensure your business is presented in the best light, at all times. A compliments slip is a small sheet of printed paper that normally contains similar information to the company letterhead but with a pre-printed greeting such as “with compliments” or “with our compliments”. Generally, on all compliment slips, an unprinted area is left for the sender to write a message, however this is not compulsory.


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