Disclaimer Policy

Please read carefully before starting A WEBSITE plan

Disclaimer Policy

Today a business owner has many different responsibilities that are expressed and in many cases implied by various government bodies Australia-wide, namely under the new Privacy Laws, Fair Trading Laws, and other regulatory professional bodies.

All professional businesses now have stringent compliance obligations and best interest duties for their customers on how they collect users’ information, and how they store and safeguard such information.

Running with a website is a very responsible business as things have evolved and what you publish online may determine how successful your business reputation will be upheld. Your obligation is now to use best practices to keep your customers’ and partners’ information secure. You need to invest in the protection of client information through governance controls such as secure backups and encrypted data transfers via SSL Certificates. You must also provide a website Privacy Policy Statement and the Terms and Conditions of use and relevant Disclosures.

At Print Magic we will support your business digital policies to be legally compliant with your Duty of Care and responsibilities as we will undertake all mandatory requirements when it comes to Website Security and Privacy Protocols.

Essentially, legal compliance forces us or prevents us from supporting third-party website hosting providers and domain name registrars. Therefore, due to privacy and password credentials sharing concerns and protocols impacting our responsibilities in updating your running operating systems and website updates and PHP coding and SSL Security Certificates we will not compromise your online security and our duty of care responsibilities by being subjected to other third party access restrictions behavior.

We cannot provide you with a compliant professional service and timely technical support if we are reliant on your current third-party hosting and domain name providers.

WEBHOST MEDIA Digital Services is our mandated Accredited Registered Web Hosting and Domain Name Registrar provider.

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