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Please read carefully before starting your website design mandate



REFUND POLICY This policy (“Refund Policy”) is applicable to all Print Magic/Webhost Media products and services (“Products” and “Services”), whether specified on our terms and conditions of use on the website, www.printmagic.net.au (“Website”), or otherwise purchased by the customer.

In purchasing any Digital Website based Products or Services from Print Magic/Webhost Media the customer agrees that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of our Refund Policy.

Customers should not purchase or proceed to use such products unless they strickly accept these Terms.

  • The first instalment payment – if charged – is for time, labour and expertise involved in requirements analysis, information gathering, style identification, and – in some cases – writing and supply of proof of style. If the customer decides to terminate the project or the mandate for us to cancel such project at any time prior to completion, then Print Magic will refund the first instalment minus time spent and expenses incurred to that date. If time and expenses add up to an amount greater than the first instalment, then the customer will be liable for that additional cost incurred, and they must agree to pay that amount within 14 days of invoice date issuance.

For the purposes of our agreement, “time and expenses” means: – any previously agreed out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Print Magic as a result of the project; and the cost of any time spent by Print Magic on the project, including, but not limited to, time spent on correspondence, research, discovery, planning, writing, wireframing, design, development, testing and project management. This cost will be calculated by multiplying the hours spent by our standard hourly rate. Final Payments will be refunded only if the customer is able to clearly and objectively prove that the Product or Service delivered by Print Magic does not suit the use for which it was intended, and as communicated in writing by the customer and if it does not meet with the Design Brief instructions. If we refund a customer any amount under our service agreement, we will also refund to them an amount in respect of any GST that the customer has paid in respect of that amount.

Please note that that under Fair Trading requirements as a services provider we must provide consumers with a refund policy option. We confirm that under our fair use policies stipulated above, we meet our legal obligations accordingly. We will always act in a transparent manner and will always disclose to consumers how we charge and will always give the opportunity to consumers to change their minds before they pay for our services, however, once payment is made by them we will act within the terms in accordance to our refund policy and service agreement as stipulated above.



Print Magic has entered into a partnership association with Webhost Media (an accredited registrant) in creating an operational synergy expanding into the digital business services space creating an overall value-added proposition for our customers. 

Hence, the association with Webhost Media will now open up opportunities to support Print Magic’s client base to improve and modernise and maintain their digital website footprint with secure current trending themes and designs backed up with the latest NBN hosting with super-fast 5G platform technologies.

This initiative will go a long way to better serve our customer’s overall business proposition as the new development in online platforms will further offer our customers best practices in the areas of Domain Name Registration, Cloud Web Hosting, and Webmail Management with the latest Security and trending Website Designs to give their business a modern, functional unique online branding presence.

Please note that the digital-related products and services refund policy under a hosting plan must be read very carefully by a customer considering activating a website hosting plan, as in almost all cases a refund will not be processed after the annual premium payment has been made within the initial seven (7) days.

REFUND POLICY.  This policy (“Refund Policy”) is applicable to the Webhost Media Website Hosting Plans products and services (“Products” and “Services”), whether specified on our terms and conditions of use on the website, www.webhostmedia.com.au (“Website”), or otherwise purchased by the customer. In purchasing any Website Hosting based Products or Services from Webhost Media the customer agrees that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of our Refund Policy. Customers should not purchase nor use or proceed to use such products if a customer does not accept these Terms. It is a condition of our website design and hosting agreement that a customer must open and pay for a Webhost Media Web Hosting Plan prior to any website design work being undertaken as this gives our designers a safe and secure environment to perform staging website design and development work:

  • The annual website hosting plan subscription (a customer shall always pay the annual hosting premium yearly in advance) – if charged – is for the entire first year period and thereafter be renewed on an annual subscription basis, for the purpose of keeping their website live and functioning, if the customer cancels the hosting service at any time after the hosting payment is made and or also cancels our mandate to finalise such project at any time prior to completion, then Webhost Media will NOT refund the hosting payment made, ” Please note that as per terms and conditions there will be NO CREDITS or REFUNDS offered on this service and all website files will be immediately removed once the customer cancellation instructions have been actioned.”

This is an industry-standard policy. The best way to explain this policy is that it can be compared to purchasing a mobile service plan usually spread over 24 to 36 months, once you sign up for the plan you remain indebted until its expiry date whether you use the phone or not. Also, note the condition of canceling the Hosting Plan service prior to renewal of service under our Terms and Services. Under our Terms & Conditions once a customer Agreement commences on the date they pay and accept the terms of the agreement, and terminates on the day notified by the customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Unless prior notice is received from the customer in writing to notify of cancellation, the hosting Services will be automatically renewed for further periods equal to the previous term, unless identified otherwise in The Webhost Media Console. Cancellation of a Service must occur prior to automatic renewal, as cancellations submitted after the scheduled automatic renewal date will not receive any refunds or credits.

Should the customer wish to cancel a hosting plan after the first year of service, we recommend for them disable the auto-renew functionality for the hosting name in question to ensure it cancels at the conclusion of its existing term (from the actual due date and not past the due date. Hence, if a customer wishes to cancel an individual Service, as the case may be) must complete the online cancellation form within The Webhost Media Console. Submission of the online form will generate an automated email to the email address specified in the form, and the unique tracking number in that email will be the only proof of cancellation that will be accepted by us. Basically, once a customer pays the first year Hosting Plan premium chances are there will be NO consideration under any circumstances for a customer qualifying for a return premium whether in a full or partial refund or any other type of consideration based on pro-rata (after the initial seven (7) days of payment. We will always follow industry standards and protocols when it comes to a refund policy. Please also note that the above refund policy also applies to the following products and services… NO REFUND policy applies for all products purchased from https://webhostmedia.partnerconsole.net/, such as Domain Names, Domain Privacy Managers, SSL Security Certificates, ASIC Business Name Registrations, Microsoft Office 365 Plans, and other services provided by Webhost Media. Please contact Webhost Media directly for any digital Website Hosting & Web Mail related issues for payments, cancellations and or technical support at admin@webhostmedia.com.au.


Most frequent asked questions and answers

Yes, a security SSL Certificate is now a mandatory requirement as it protects your business and your customers’ information and privacy. You have a legal duty of care to protect your customer’s data online.

WEBHOST MEDIA Digital Services is our mandated Website Hosting and Domain Name Registrar provider. You can access your account and view your dashboard and purchase other related services.

Using other third-party hosting platforms (may include your current provider) compromises your security and our ability to work in your best interest. Due to compliance and SSL security credentials and requirements we cannot work with third parties hosting platforms. 

Additional information is provided in our website development agreement. Our offer is unique and the fairest way for you to save on costs over time. Please see our eBook – Respect your Brand refer to page 20 for a detailed explanation or See More.

Using other third party Domain Name Registrars (may include your current provider) compromises our ability to work in your best interest. You will need to register your domain name or transfer to our Domain Name Registrar Webhost Media.

Once we deliver your new website we will provide you with ongoing technical support at no charge. We also provide design and video creatives artwork support for your website on a Time-Cost-Basis. We guarantee to beat any competitor price quote.

Your Web cPanel Hosting Plan and Domain Name costs is like paying for your current monthly mobile phone or Foxtel or Netflix account plan, if you stop paying, the services will be cancelled, likewise, your Webhost Media account and website will also be cancelled.

We will keep you informed of all the updates that we undertake in order to keep your website running smoothly and secure at all times. Usually we undertake security and software upgrades a few times a month at no cost to you. Our competitors will charge you for this upgrades service.

All your services are paid yearly in advance. This will lower the risk of any down time you may experience throughout the subscription period.

You get the Performance cPanel Hosting Plan with large storage and unlimited bandwidth on a LITE fast server. You get POP Email Accounts + cPanel Hosting Control Panel all under SSL security.

The Website Care Plan is provided for FREE by invitation only on an annual subscription renewal basis and at the discretion of Print Magic. Conditions apply. See More.

You can. However, it is not possible to transfer the website to a new provider in its complete format as we will need to cancel all plugins (software programs) services associated with your website theme as required under our respective paid supplier’s licencing agreements.

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